The Dangers of Botox

Collagen is important

Collagen is important

Botox has become a very popular alternative for facelifts. It offers results in quick sessions and the treatments are relatively cost effective. By using injections to administer a serum made of Botulinum Toxin Type A in various regions of the face and neck, the muscles are essentially paralyzed and the skin becomes tightened as part of the chemical reaction that takens place within the body. This is what eliminates wrinkles.

It may sound appealing on an aesthetic level, but Botox can actually be quite dangerous if the needle is placed in the wrong hands. Botox has been known to cause death due to paralysis, which is most often related to too much toxin being injected into the muscles. However, since this product is used not only as a cosmetic alternative to invasive surgeries but also as a treatment for muscular ailments like blepharospasm (eye twitch), the side effects and dangers are not the same for each case.

Anyone who has any sort of infection in their ears, eyes, nose, mouth, throat, or other facial area should not consider Botox until the infection has entirely dissipated. Botox use while a person suffers with infection can result in a horrible reaction within the body. White blood cells are working against the infection, but are damaged or destroyed by the toxic injection. This makes it even more difficult for the body to destroy the infection, and often results in the condition worsening.

Unlike surgical options, Botox does not offer permanent results. Treatments are required on a regular, frequent basis. These costs can quickly add up, as the injections and time with the physician do not come cheap. The danger here lies in cosmetic treatment addiction, a mental ailment affecting a higher number of people all over the world all the time. It is important to remember what it is that makes Botox and remember that it has every potential to be harmful.

The vast majority of the dangers associated with Botox are associated with inexperienced practitioners. A good physician will ensure his patient is mentally stable and healthy, and will concern himself with the well being of his patient while delivering the cosmetic treatment. Botox parties are never a good idea, and in many cities around the world there are Botox clinics available that house licensed and experienced physicians to administer the injection.

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