Possible Thread Lift Results

Thread lifts are starting to replace facelifts.

Thread lifts are starting to replace facelifts.

Thread lifts were originally designed to help men and women avoid the dangers of cosmetic surgery options such as the facelift. A traditional facelift can be very dangerous, and costly as well. Thread lifts are considered to be significantly safer, but still pose risk factors of their own. In this article, we will briefly discuss some of these dangers and potential side effects.

1. The threads can break. If the threads break, the whole point of the lift becomes apparent, as the skin will fall back to its original position. In addition, the barbs on the threads can become stuck in the skin, causing extreme discomfort. This is rare, but still possible.

2. The threads can be seen
. The last thing that a patient spending thousands on a thread lift wants to hear, but there is a slight chance that the threads will become visible. Threads can also become bunched up, and this can be somewhat painful to the patient.

3. Infection can occur. If the threads get infected, they will have to be removed. Since the patient is responsible for paying for the procedure, this can mean a lot of money with nothing to show for it. Very few insurance companies will cover a procedure that is strictly cosmetic, meaning that the whole bill goes to the patient. Infection can be mild, moderate, or severe, and can require medication and/or hospitalization at times.

4. There can be scarring after a thread lift. This is especially true for older patients, but is rare nonetheless. The process of inserting the threads and pulling the skin to its proper place can leave minor (or very rarely major) scarring on the patient.

5. Patients can see no difference. One of the more common complaints among thread lift patients is a lack of results for the cost. While many expect a drastic difference, many thread lifts offer minimal results, as they are designed to be subtle changes.

These are just a few of the many hazards presented by thread lifts, but, overall, they are still much safer that traditional facelift procedures. There are many remedies at home that can work almost as well, but cost vastly less than either procedure. Talk to your doctor to learn what is best for you, given your individual medical history.

Before you decide on a thread lift, make sure you understand all of the possible thread lift results.

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