Other Factors that May Cause Premature Aging

People seek an answer to common signs of aging.

Time flies and soon everybody is bound to show the visual signs of aging. Aging does make people fuss over anti-ageing creams, remedies, and even plastic surgery. Stretching and removing excess skin is a popular way of erasing the ravages of time. Plumpness and restoring facial mass brings lost youth but this only delays the aging process.

Delaying or even stopping time is impossible. We can never control time or stop the natural flow of biology, but there is that one thing that we can take control of though and that is our lifestyle. A simple tweak in our lifestyle, would give us a step closer to looking fresher and more beautiful at any age.

So you might ask how can we change our lifestyle and where do we start. There are many factors that can make us age faster, below are some of things that we should look out for:

  • Depression/ Stress/ Negative Attitude

How do you look at life, are you more of the positive or negative type of thinker? Do you think of a glass as half-empty of half-full? A person’s outlook in life can have a direct effect on how they look physically. If find yourself feeling sad every morning, then those frown lines will definitely be etched permanently on your face.

There’s just no way to prevent us from showing strong emotions, but we minimize this trying to live a lighter and happier life. Think more of happiness and light every single day and that will reflect in your faces. Being happy will definitely make you look happy. It’s like hitting multiple birds with one pebble.

  •  Cigarettes, Drugs, and Alcohol

Obviously, a lot of warning has already been given about the negative effects of smoking or drinking too much alcohol. Vices have a negative effect on our health. It can also lead to premature aging. Drinking too much alcohol and smoking destroys our cells and deprives the body of much needed oxygen.  This in turn leaves our skin dry and old-looking.

  • Sugar and Fat  

Everyone surely loves a little sugar and fat in their diet. Sugar and fat when combined can accelerate the aging process. Food like this triggers an insulin response that ultimately leads to weight problems. Sugar also has an adverse effect on the proteins in our body. Protein is essential in the production of collagen and elastin, important building blocks needed by the skin.

Proteins are responsible for making our skin firm and elastic. So think twice before eating too much fats or sweets. Minimize your consumption if you want your bodies to remain sexy and keep your skin firm for a longer period of time.

  • Rapid weight loss  

Everybody wants a slim figure. But the quest for a skinny body may also lead to premature aging. Some people are obsessed with losing weight that they end up starving the body of much needed nutrients.  When people try to shed weight unnaturally, they end up punishing their body. They end up with dry skin and the production of new skin is decreased. There is less nutrients for skin replacement leaving them looking old and tired.

Some diets are so extreme that they almost promote shunning away from any type of food. Even fat has its own share in keeping our skin healthy and denying ourselves of these fats starves our skin. The end result is we end up with tired and dry looking skin.

  • Exposure to the Sun 

Staying under the sun for long periods of time can cause skin damage. It dries up the skin and deprives it of much needed moisture. Wearing sun block protects our skin from harmful ultraviolet rays. Staying out of the sun during the hottest hours can also help preserve your youth for a much longer time.

Having a few fat deposits can actually make us look younger. Keeping some cellulite deposits to fill in our cheeks and arms will definitely make our skin look full and tight again. It will definitely seem to look like you’ve got your plumpness back. Obviously, too much of a good thing would be bad for you, so the same logic applies. Obesity was never good for anyone, just put on an ample amount of pounds to help keep the signs of aging at bay.

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