Negative Effects of Thermage Treatments


People looking for a non-invasive medical treatment that reduces the signs of aging may choose to undergo Thermage. Thermage, also known as radiothermoplasty, is a relatively new cosmetic procedure and involves thermal resurfacing. To reduce facial wrinkles and lines, radiofrequency energy is non-invasively applied into deep layers of skin on your face and the heat causes the facial skin to quickly tighten.

However, as Thermage directly exposes your skin to heat, there are risks involved and the procedure can be dangerous. Also, as it’s a special medical procedure, it can be expensive and in many cases insurance companies won’t cover the payment. There are safer alternatives to Thermage that don’t have the risks or high cost involved with it.

How the Thermage Procedure Works

As people age, collagen proteins in the mid-layer of skin break down and weaken the support structure of your skin, which results in the formation of skin lines, sagging and wrinkles. Thermage works by delivering controlled amounts of radiofrequency energy into the collagen in the skin, causing it to contract and tighten from the heat. The activity promotion collagen production as well and in around 6 months, new collagen grows to support and tighten the skin.

Dangerous Consequences of Using Thermage

Some redness and sensitivity is expected after the Thermage process, however, much more serious side effects can occur. Some common complications related to Thermage procedures include:

  • Swelling: Your skin may become irritated from the heat, causing redness, swelling and soreness after the procedure is done, especially near the jaw line.
  • Burns: The high temperatures involved in the Thermage process can damage your skin and cause blisters or scarring.
  • Tingling:Tingling, numbness or a burning sensation may develop after the procedure due to the heat application on your face from Thermage.
  • Dents in the skin: Overheating skin can cause fat atrophy or excessive tightening, creating noticeable indents in the skin.
  • Also, as mentioned before, Thermage treatments don’t work successfully on everyone. It has been marketed as a non-surgical facelift, but it is not an effective substitute. Some patients pay high costs to undergo the procedure and don’t get any noticeable results from it at all. Others may take months to see results that are only temporary and require more treatments and money to see again. To avoid the expenses and risks involved in Thermage procedures, it’s best to use more natural, safer methods of anti-aging.

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