Which natural face lift system should you choose?

Non surgical facelifts are growing in popularity, for very good reason. They are less risky and often very effective. Face lift without surgery does not require anaesthetic, which does involve some risk. You may be wondering which natural facelift system to choose, since there are quite a few options out there. Below, we’ll help to narrow it down for you so that you can choose the best suited facelift or neck lift for your particular needs and budget.

A face life with threads, for example, often involves requires down time as well as adherence to a soft diet for about 7 days. The typical recovery time involves avoiding strenuous activity for 24 hours and then resuming regular activity after about 7 days. One risk of the face lift with threads is that you actually may not even see results. The procedure is also carries other risks. If you feel the face lift with threads procedure is not right for you, then you may want to consider one of the non surgical facelifts listed below.


This is one of the most popular facelift without surgery. It can be incredibly effective and is very non-invasive. This natural facelift is used by both dermatologists and plastic surgeons. This non surgical face lift utilizes heat to promote collagen growth in problem areas of the face. Thermage rejuvenates the facial area and is a popular anti-aging procedure used by both men and women.
Laser Face Lift

This natural facelift procedure does not use anaesthesia and this procedure does not involve cutting or incisions. During a laser face lift, a doctor uses laser technology to tighten skin and reduce wrinkles and fine lines. Minor discomfort or discoloration may appear after the procedure, but usually subsides within a week or two. These two methods, Thermage® and Laser Face Lift, are both excellent methods of natural face lifts. You can consult with your dermatologist for more information and choose a natural facelift procedure that will best work for you.

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