Mini-facelift or Weekend Facelifts

Collagen Injections help reduce the signs of agingAdvancements in medical science have made it possible for men and women to enjoy younger and fresher skin through a myriad of treatments. Of course there will always be the popular facelift surgery that almost miraculously reverses the signs of aging. After all who wouldn’t want to look 5 to 10 years younger after a few hours of treatment?

But facelift surgery is not for everyone. There are still those who are afraid of going under the knife for treatment. Although facelift surgery has become an almost every day medical procedure it does not eliminate the medical complications that may result from surgery.

Alternatives to Facelift Surgery

Alternative facelift treatments run the gamut of natural to non-invasive procedures. The problem however with these types of treatments is that they don’t produce the same dramatic and almost instant results seen in facelift surgery. Natural anti-aging treatments include oils and creams that restore skin back to their original glory. Less- invasive facelift treatments on the other hand include Botox and mini-facelifts that are steadily becoming a popular alternative to facelift surgery.

Mini-facelift or one day Facelifts

A mini-facelift or weekend facelift is an anti-aging treatment that rejuvenates the mid-face, cheek areas and lower eyelids. It is also a procedure designed to lift the neck and the lower areas of your face. Just like typical facelift surgeries it reduces wrinkles and smoothen the face. However, it is somewhat limited in treating deep-seated lines or wrinkles.

Good selling points for those planning to undergo a mini-facelift is that the procedure is cheaper than full facelifts surgeries, less medical complications and is cheaper compared to the latter. It also has a shorter recovery time that lets you go back to your normal daily activities a lot faster.

How is a Mini-facelift performed?

Mini-facelifts are done by lifting the skin from tissues beneath it. The incisions are created from inside and around the ear. Fine lines and wrinkles are smoothened by removing excess skin. The skin is then tightened and stitched up. The procedure normally takes one to two hours and patients are discharged from care. Because it is less invasive than a full-facelift patients are able to recover more quickly.

Full versus Mini-facelifts

A mini-facelift is basically a facelift treatment that targets a more limited area. Both treatments help people look younger but have their own unique advantages.

Mini-facelift Advantages:

  • One obvious advantage is that mini-facelifts are cheaper compared to full-facelifts
  • Faster recovery periods
  • Less invasive and safer
  • More natural looking results
  • Minimal scarring, bruises and swelling

Full-facelift Advantages

  • Better looking results
  • Tones facial muscles
  • Able to target more areas
  • Eliminates facial lines and wrinkles

One main difference between a full and mini-facelift is the areas that each treatment targets. A mini-facelift is somewhat limited in the facial areas especially in the forehead or brow area. It mainly treats fine lines and wrinkles located at the lower face.

Mini-facelifts are also gentler compared to full-facelift procedures. This is because it is less invasive and requires lesser incisions which are limited to the ear area. Advantages include faster recovery times because are less traumatized due to lesser incisions made.

Mini-facelifts are cheaper compare to full-facelifts but are still pricey compare to other alternative facelift treatments. Shorter operating times and because it is a simpler surgical procedure have contributed to a cheaper price. The medical procedure requires lesser anesthesia and is also less risky. It has a shorter recovery times which makes it ideal for people who wish to go back to work much faster.

Facelift procedures have become common procedures but these are not without their share of medical complications. Even mini-facelifts if not done properly could produce complications such as bleeding or infections. There is also the constant presence of bruises and scars albeit much smaller compared to full-facelift surgery.

The success or failure of any medical procedure ultimately depends on the surgeon that you choose. If you plan on undergoing any facelift treatment it is still best that you consult your doctor if this would be a healthy option for you.


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