Is Restylane Injection Safe and Effective?


When all is said and done, Restylane is a very temporary solution to a permanent problem. There is no anti-aging cream or solution lasts forever and injecting hyaluronic acid carries some serious side effects.

Common Problems with Restylane

Before we point out its major flaws, it is worth noting that Restylane is a much safer product than Botox, another anti-aging injection derived from one of the most lethal, naturally occurring toxins on earth. Still, the acid has its own fair share of side-effects, even if you are injected by highly reputable doctors. For example, about 20% of all patients experience bruising as a result of the injection, while others experience noticeable swelling for several days. Both of these problems are minor nuisances, but the effects of Restylan only last for a few months. As much as you plead with your doctor, there is no refund for the days of noticeable blemishes cause by the injections.

istock_000007068613xsmallMore common side effects include pain, itching and tenderness at the needle’s entrance point. This is because there is no anesthetic in Restylane as there are in substances like collagen. Many people find the most embarrassing issue caused by the substance is a reactivation of the cold sore virus due to the sensitivity of the skin around your lips.

As we mentioned before, there are no permanent solutions to the natural signs of aging. But it is unfair for those who wish to hold onto their youthful looks a bit longer to have to high costs every 6 months for an ineffective and painful injection. That’s why the Natural Facelift System is gaining popularity. This topical system uses specially treated cloth masks to get rid of wrinkles and tighten your face’s skin. Most people see drastic results in 1 to 3 treatments, and the benefits can last you up to 6 months. Best of all each mask costs a fraction of the price of Botox and Restylane. Visit our website to learn more about the Natural Facelift System and why it is quickly becoming a preferred anti-aging system!

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