Home Remedies: Tea Bags Over The Eyes

Years ago, there was no option to choose plastic surgery in order to improve one’s appearance or reconstruct one’s features. By trial and error, people all over the world discovered many home remedies to help keep their appearances looking as fresh as possible. One such home remedy was putting tea bags over the eyes in order to reduce the appearance of dark, puffy circles and re-hydrate the skin on the eyelids and around the eye. This home remedy is still in use all over the world, with many people swearing by its effects over any cream, facelift, or lipolysis injection.

Simple home remedies can replace plastic surgery.

Simple home remedies can replace plastic surgery.

How To Use Tea Bags to Rejuvenate Your Eyes

This treatment requires your tea bags to be nice and cool in order to work properly for most skin types and works best when used before bed. Prepare your tea as your normally would, by placing two orange pekoe teabags in boiled water. Let them brew for approximately five minutes before wringing all liquids out of them. Flatten the tea bags out again, place them on a plastic dish and put them in your freezer for about fifteen minutes. After removing the tea bags from the freezer, find a nice, comfortable spot to lay down. Close your eyes, place the tea bags over them, and relax. Turn the tea bags over after about 10 minutes, and let them sit for another 10 minutes. When you’re all done, dispose of the tea bags and rinse your face with cool water to remove any tea stains or residue.

In winter months, many people opt to use warm tea bags to help relax the eyes a bit more. The same instructions above can be used with warm tea bags, and works quite well for people who find their skin exceptionally dry. If using warm tea bags, you’ll want to have a towel under your head to prevent staining of furniture or pillows in case the liquid seeps down your face.

Spa Treatments

This is a treatment program that has become quite popular in various spas, and many have begun to market special-formula tea bags designed for this kind of use. While many people swear by these spa-brand cosmetic tea bags, even more find that a simple orange pekoe bag works fine and is far more cost effective. However, if you want something tailored to your specific eye-skin issue, spa tea bags might be the answer for you.

In a world where we are over-encumbered by expensive creams, treatments, cosmetic surgeries and more, a simple and inexpensive treatment is a welcome relief. For most people, there is absolutely nothing to lose by trying this eye rejuvenation technique Рexcept for two tea bags and about an hour of your time.

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