Green Alternatives to Facelift Surgery – 3 Day Facelift Treatment

Do you want to take the natural route and have visibly younger looking skin? Green alternatives seem to be gaining popularity among people searching for the fountain of youth. In fact, natural and green beauty treatments have helped many women recapture their old beauty without the use of surgery. Want to learn more about all-organic facelifts and how it can help you?

The onset of aging may come at different stages. Some may experience the visible signs of aging in the prime of their youth while others seem to age at a much later stage of their life. Our skin starts to age and deteriorate the moment that different toxins and impurities accumulate on our body. As a result of this, our skin cells fail to get the nutrients that it is required for cell repair and regeneration.

If you are thinking that these fine lines are not something to be worried about, then a few more years would certainly give you something to worry about. These tiny lines if left untreated will become more visible and deeper as the years pass by.

Cosmetic surgery and Botox are two of the most sought after treatments when it comes to helping people reverse the effects of aging. However, some modern cosmetic products are chemical- based and involve the use of synthetic creams and lotions. These treatments are highly effective in helping people

Look younger but also comes with a heavy price, both financially and in terms of our health.

Nature’s healing power helps people achieve youthful glowing skin without the use of chemicals or surgery. These methods are safer and do not produce any side effects.

Why go for costly surgical operations when you can get the same anti-aging effects when you switch to all-organic and green treatments?

There is a three- day facelift treatment that promises to give you younger looking skin without the need for surgery. This involves going on a strict diet of fresh fruits and vegetables. Salmons, oats and green tea makes up the basic diet. For a start, people are advised to drink more than eight glasses of water a day.

This anti-aging 3-day program utilizes an all-organic facial mask for treating age lines and wrinkles. This is used in conjunction with an all-natural face cream and other natural soaps that gently works on the skin.

Results may vary according to a person’s skin condition and health. It involves the strict adherence to a healthy and active lifestyle. Eat healthy foods that help replenish your damaged skin. Steer clear from dairy products and red meat.

Care to have rolled oats with fresh berries and almonds for breakfast? Let a cup of green tea give it a perfect finish. Lunch consists of a grilled salmon, veggies applied with olive oil, and a slice of cantaloupe. Finish this with another cup of green tea. For dinner, salmon seasoned with miso. Have a wonderful serving of steamed vegetables or veggie salad for your side dish. Take a cup of green tea after the meal.

Fresh raw veggies and Vegan protein shake is a perfect combo for snacks. Basics elements in the diet include fish, fresh veggies, fruits, green tea, Vegan protein shakes and water. Following this diet strictly gives you the best chance of maintain and restoring youthful skin and decreasing your risk for lifestyle related diseases.

While you are on the 3-day facelift diet, nurture your skin with natural trans-dermal food supplements and other organic moisturizers. By eating a healthy diet and using all-natural creams, a youthful glowing skin can be achieved. Fine lines disappear while giving you soft-to-touch, wrinkle- free, healthy and younger- looking skin.

Throw away your synthetic-based make and replace this with naturally-formulated creams and soaps. Avoid cosmetics that contain chemicals such as bismuth oxychloride, talc, parabens, and propylene. Instead, opt for cosmetics that have Titanium, zinc oxide, Mica and iron oxides.

Eating a healthy diet and living an active lifestyle is your best option for keeping aging at bay and maintaining beautiful skin well into the prime of your life. It is never too late to start living a healthy lifestyle but starting now gives you the best chance of keeping your youthful, glowing skin for years to come.

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