Concerned about age spots? Try Natural Facelift System

Brown spots on you hands, forehead and arms are commonly called liver spots or age spots.  Funny, they have nothing to do with the liver at all. They are caused by sun damage or being in the sun too often.  Even to someone not use to seeing “adult freckles” many may even call them cancerous.

According to D’Anne Kleinsmith, MD, cosmetic dermatologist, “Age spots should really be called sun spots, because they are caused by being out in the sun.  They have absolutely nothing to do with your liver and little to do with your age, other than the fact that they occur on older people.”  Does it not make sense then to always wear sunscreen before going outside?

According to Mother, remember the 15 rules:

  1. Use a sunscreen with an SPF of 15.
  2. Place the sunscreen on 15 minutes before going out in the sun even if is cloudy

Wear the sunscreen for 15 times longer than you could if not protected and that is 30 minutes.  So with SPF sunscreen of 15 you can stay out for 7 hours.

Seems simple enough, but what if you already have liver spots or sun spots, what can be done?  There are many natural things that will remedy the problem and many creams also available.  Here are some natural facelift methods to consider:

Use Aloe Vera: If you have an aloe Vera plant, chances are you know about the great healing qualities of the gel sealed within its leaves. It is wonderful for using on sunburns and moisturizing the skin. The gel can also act as a natural skin lightener, as it contains a substance that helps reduce the amount of melanin at the top layer of skin. Apply fresh aloe Vera gel right from the leaves two to three times a day for about three months and the spots should fade.

Buttermilk: Used for many years in holistic cosmetic practice, buttermilk really moisturizes and lightens the skin. Lactic acid helps promote collagen secretion and removes melanin from the epidermis as well. The buttermilk should be slightly warmer than room temperature and can either be used as a wash or as a spot treatment. After rinsing the buttermilk away from the skin, cold water should be splashed in order to close the pores and protect the skin from dirt and bacteria.

Gotu Kola: This is a Chinese herb that you most likely won’t have just lying around the house. Powdered gotu kola mixed with an equal amount of ginseng, and a tiny bit of cayenne, then stirred into a cup of herbal tea is a very effective spot lightener. This should be used as a spot treatment as is said to work very quickly.

Lemon Aide: Use the juice of a lemon.  Dip a cotton ball in the juice twice a day and rub on the skin where the age spots are.  This remedy will take from 6 to 8 weeks before you start to see the spots fade.  The juice of the lemon will safely remove the upper layer of the skin and will help to lighten the spots.

Red onion rub:
Rubbing a piece of red onion on the age spots will work also.  The red onion will have approximately the same effect as the lemon juice remedy.

Learn to cover up:
If all fails and the spots will not fade then there are makeups that help. If you have really dark spots then a heavier-based makeup must be used.  If they are not real bad then you can use a water based makeup.  Makeup will cause acne to be worsen, so if you have acne avoid oil based makeups.

Creams and Lotions for Age Spots

There are many products available in the cosmetics section of drug stores, department stores, and specialty stores that help to reduce the appearance of age spots. Skin lightening products or bleaches can be applied to the spots to reduce the melanin that has made its way to the outer layer of skin. Melanin is the hormone within our skin that gives it pigment. Sunlight promotes the production of melanin, giving the skin a tanned color, but it also reduces the production of collagen, which gives our skin its elasticity.

These products can be pricey, depending upon the brand name and treatment required. They do not offer overnight success also. Fade creams usually take at least two months or more to take effect.

There are many options available to help remove age spots, but first it is very important to ensure that what you are trying to remove is indeed an age spot or liver spot. Upon noticing a new age spot or if one becomes abnormal or painful, see a physician right away to be tested for skin diseases.  These easy methods could be a safe alternative to surgery.

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