Facelift Tape: Effective Anti-Aging Technique or Cheap Scam?

Face lift tape is ineffective and expensive

Face lift tape is ineffective and expensive

People are willing to go to some extreme lengths to delay the effects of aging. Surgical facelifts, injections of deadly toxins (botox) and thermage heat treatments are all ways to make the skin look (temporarily) younger and smoother, and all of them carry a risk of skin damage or injury. One of the more confusing methods (in an infinitely more light hearted way) is “face lift tape,” a non-surgical product that has somehow managed to stay on the market for many years.

Some people swear by face lift tape, especially many in the entertainment industry who try to hide their ages from their audiences. But this successful deceit is more likely the result of film and television post production, a process can hide the wrinkles and rough skin of almost anyone. The fact of the matter is that face lift tape may yield minor results for its users, but the inconvenience and expense of using it is a major deterrent for such an absurd solution.

How Does Face Lift Tape “Work”?

The short answer to the question above: not very well. Face lift tape (sometimes called an instant face lift) consists of two pieces of clear tape with elastic at both ends. The elastic straps are fitted to the user’s head over their ears. They are then lifted over the head, hooked together under the hair and adjusted to fit properly. It is a confusing, unnatural procedure, which is why most companies include picture instructions with the product.

If the user ever manages to get facelift tape properly positioned, it pulls back the skin around the cheeks and jaw line. Whether or not this makes one look younger or slightly comical is open to debate. What most previous users will not argue over, however, is that the sensation cased by having your skin pulled back by tape and elastic for hours can be extremely uncomfortable.

Other Drawbacks to Face Lift Tape

If there is one nice thing we can say about this product, it is that it does not carry the serious complications associated with surgical or medical anti-aging techniques. Unfortunately, it is absurd to think that anyone could use face lift tape as a long term solution to aging. The biggest problem is that it is very difficult to hide the fact you are wearing the device. People with long hair have a much easier time accomplishing this illusion, but they are limited to only a few, decent looking hairstyles capable of covering their secret.

Face lift tape can also be very expensive. Each device can generally only be used once before it looses its strength and elasticity. This is why the product is often sold in sets, and its users can pay hundreds or thousands of dollars over the years. Of course, if you ever forget to wear face lift tape, run out of bands or (the most likely scenario) decide to discontinue use altogether, your skin will return to its normal state, making it quite obvious to those around you that some unnatural tactics were used.

In the end, face lift tape is much safer than a surgical face lift or botox. Still, it is not a recommended long-term solution. It only yields marginal effects that are gone instantly once the device is removed. It is also uncomfortable, expensive and in all honesty, a bit silly.

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