Dangerous Facelift Alternatives

face liftWhen we talk about alternatives to the traditional facelift, many people wrongly begin to assume that the risk factor is so greatly diminished as to be nearly non-existent. This is definitely not true, and there are a number of common side effects for creams, lotions, exercises, treatments, and other alternatives. Some of these can be very painful, if not fatal for some people. While the chance of them being unbearably bad is slim, and much smaller than the painful risks associated with plastic surgery, it is possible to have a reaction to even an over-the-counter option.

Thermage treatments can be almost as painful to endure as a facelift is to recover from. In fact, many people report little or no change even after the painful and expensive treatments. For most, thermage is not an option at all, and would not be considered as an effective anti-aging remedy.

Thread lifts are another common plastic surgery alternative, though they should probably be classified as surgery. After all, a surgeon must pass a barbed needle under the skin in order to complete the treatment. While it is not as bad as a facelift, it still has characteristics that would normally classify it as a type of liposuction. If the barbs fail, the thread can pop out and become very painful and even leave a scar.

Many creams and lotions can cause allergic reactions to the sensitive skin of the face and neck areas. It is important to talk with a doctor, pharmacist, dermatologist, or other healthcare professional before you use any, especially if you are taking any medications or have known allergy problems, particularly those to medications.

Similar to a thread lift, acupuncture can be painful and expensive, although it has no downtime and very minute chance of causing any type of allergic reaction. However, some long lasting side effects for a very few include nerve damage, full or partial facial paralyzation, and similar problems.

As you can see, simple is not always better, but these solutions are likely a better alternative to plastic surgery than a risk to your body. Overall, many doctors would recommend them highly over liposuction, and they will normally cost much less without a recovery period as well.

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