Dangerous Facelift Alternatives

Can acupuncture be the solution to your problems?

Many people have a wrong impression that traditional and facial alternatives are 100 percent safe and risk free. Any type of treatment has its share of side effects. Being labeled as natural and safe does not guarantee that the product is truly free from any side effect. Some of the dangers posed by medical treatments can be very painful and fatal. Although these products may only have a small chance of developing side effects and are safer compared to plastic surgery, the possibility of you suffering from a serious side effect is always present.


This type of treatment can be, if not as painful as facelifts. They also have long recovery times and are disappointingly ineffective on top of them being an expensive alternative to facelifts. This treatment is not available for everybody. It is advised that people searching for an anti-aging treatment should look to other products for a solution.

Thread lifts

Thread lifts is another plastic surgery alternative that is commonly used by people suffering from cellulite problems. Another thing that people should know is that thread lifts also fall under surgery. Like surgeries, medical professionals performing thread lifts use needles to perform the treatment. Thread lifts are slightly better than facelifts but are still considered as a form of liposuction. People considering this type of treatment should also consider getting a medical professional who is an expert in this field. One of the real dangers of thread lifts is that if the barbs fail, patients may experience excruciating pain and scarred for life.

The skin is extremely sensitive and using creams and lotions may cause allergic reactions when applied over the face and neck areas. Consulting with a certified health professional like doctors and dermatologists can help eliminate allergic reactions to these products.


Acupunctures are also used as a type of facelift alternative. Having this done could be expensive and many patients have complained about the pain suffered during treatment. One advantage is that they produce very fast results. People should be aware that acupuncture treatments have their share of dangerous side effects. Medical problems arising from acupuncture treatments include nerve damage and facial paralysis. Natural treatments have their share of health risks and dangerous side effects but these pale in comparison to plastic surgery. This is why doctors recommend patients considering liposuction to try other alternatives because they are safer and have shorter recovery times.

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