Quick Face Lift – Cucumbers on the eyes

Can fruit really make your skin look younger?

Can fruit really make your skin look younger?

There’s an old myth behind using cucumbers to help rejuvenate the skin around the eyes. This is one natural ingredient still commonly used in many facial treatments and spa sessions today. Years ago, it was believed that cucumbers had rejuvenating properties, that they would help remove dark bags and crow’s feet. As science has progressed, this theory has been disproved, but we did manage to discover that putting cucumber’s over one’s eyes is actually great for helping relieve dry, itchy eyes.

Composed of 90% water, cucumbers are great natural cooling systems. Their shape allows them to be stay in place on the eyes. Because of the water content, they are very cool against the skin and make for a great moisturizer. The silicon content also helps reduce the appearance of bags, but most certainly not remove them. Here are some ailments in which cucumbers have been shown to be extremely helpful for the eyes.

  • Puffy eyes
    This usually happens when your eyes become dry. Your body is working double time to get precious fluids to your eyes. There are many factors in our daily lives that can cause puffy eyes, so a nightly treatment of cucumbers on the lids for ten minutes or so can really be helpful.
  • Eye strain & fatigue
    If you spend a lot of time traveling on planes or in front of a computer, your eyes probably suffer quite a bit for it. The air on planes is very dry, and can quickly cause fatigue and strain, including blood shot eyes. Placing a slice of cucumber over each lid can put some much needed moisture back into your eyes and prevent blood vessels from breaking.
  • Hay Fever & Allergies
    The most common symptom most allergy sufferers experience is itchy, red, watery eyes. There are many treatments, both prescription and over the counter, that can help relieve these symptoms. For those who seek more natural remedies, slices of cucumber can be a much needed relief. If you’re eyes are exceptionally sore, try placing your cucumber slices on a bed of ice for a few minutes before placing them over your eyes. This will help speed up the cooling process.
  • It’s definitely worth a try if you suffer from sore, red, itchy and dry eyes. Cucumbers are made of mostly water, but can also be pretty acidic. Keep your eyes closed tightly, and in case you find yourself sensitive to these acids be sure to have a something nearby to rinse your eyes with.

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