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Thermage is one of the most popular alternatives to plastic surgery for men and women hoping to look younger and create a better self-image. However, many surgeons/doctors note that it is one of the least effective treatments, and advise patients to consider other options before choosing to try Thermage for facial rejuvenation.

Thermage--is it worth the cost?

Thermage--is it worth the cost?

This product is considerably safer than procedures such as Botox, lipolysis injection, and even the traditional facelift. Thermage has a very short downtime when compared to more invasive and expensive procedures, but some patients report that the costlier options work somewhat better. In fact, while nearly three-quarters of facelift patients were very satisfied with their results, as compared to only just over one-third of Thermage patients.

That said, for some, the cost is the biggest concern. Going with a method that may not produce results that are as noticeable is preferable to paying much more than you can afford for something that you know will work. For these, make sure that you check with a doctor before undergoing any type of treatment, to make sure it will not interfere with any medicines or plans that he/she has you under presently.

How effective the Thermage treatment is really depends on how skilled the surgeon is/is not. Those that have more experience with the treatment do a better job than someone who is unfamiliar with it, obviously. Sometimes it pays to spend a little more for someone who really knows what he or she is doing.

The cost of Thermage depends on who does it and where you go to get it. The better and more qualified the provider the more you should expect to pay. However, as mentioned before, sometimes it is worth a little more money to get more noticeable results. On average, patients should expect to pay between $2000 and $2500, depending on the city/country they call home. Bigger cities cost slightly more in some cases.

Patients should remember that it can take up to six months to see the maximum result of the treatment, and it will have to be repeated every two years or so in order to maintain a youthful appearance. If you believe Thermage is right for you, consult with a doctor to find licensed providers in your area.

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  1. August 17, 2011 at 4:10 am

    The results will also depend on your lifestyle. Your diet, your habits and also that dreaded sun that many of us still enjoy, but pay the price.

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