Botox Injections and Their Risks

In the 1950s, researchers discovered that the botulinum toxin (commonly called Botox) could be injected into people to block the release of acetylcholine and decrease muscle activity. Since then it has become a popular method of smoothing out skin and decreasing wrinkles and lines of the face. But what many don’t realize is that this product is made from one of the most deadly natural toxins known to man. It goes without saying that these injections carry risks, up to and including deaths.

Complications with Botox

Is the cost worth the risks?

Is the cost worth the risks?

As we age, elements of our muscles and skin begin to break down, resulting in sagging, wrinkles, “laugh lines” and other unsightly blemishes. While this is a natural part of growing old, some choose to take action and get a more youthful look. Botox is undoubtedly effective at smoothing out facial features, but enough people have reported problems with the toxin to make anyone skeptical of its safety and practicality.

The increased demand for Botox has led to a black-market trade of counterfeit toxins. These substances are VERY unsafe and have left some people unable to swallow and forced to eat through medical tubes due to adverse reactions. Even when real Botox is used in the safest, most professional settings, there can be unforeseeable side effects. Some people experience facial paralysis in areas that they were not targeting with the toxin, while other people have serious allergic reactions. These reactions can cause mild symptoms that go away within a few days, but there have been several deaths linked to the substance since the late 1980s.

Even if your treatment goes perfectly and you experience no ill effects, you may still be unsatisfied with the results. Many consumers complain that their face has an unnatural, plastic look after a Botox injection. Others are surprised to learn that they must receive an injection every 3 to 8 months and that Botox is an expensive and risky anti-aging tactic.

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